photography makeup

Written By: kalyn bradford

photo: melanie mauer photography

I know weʼve all had those days where we think weʼre looking great and wish we’d done things differently.  Unfortunately, our normal makeup just doesnʼt translate well in pictures. So here are a few tips to make you look and feel amazing on the day of your photo session!

1. Matte colors - make sure that all of your makeup, such as blush and eye shadow, are
in matte colors. The shimmer is great for normal wear, but in the photographs they appear with random shine spots and most of the time the color does not work well so
just skip it to be safe!

2. Dark circles - makes sure as you apply your foundation to focus a good bit under your
eyes. If you have it, eye brightener or a lighter concealer does an excellent job of blending out these dark areas, which in turn makes your eyes pop in the photographs.

3. Go heavy - okay so not so much on your foundation, but it is important to heavily
apply your blush and eye shadow. Even think about using contouring methods to enhance your facial features! However, donʼt forget to BLEND. You donʼt want unnecessary harsh lines in your beautiful photographs. Also, darken up your brows!
Even if you already have dark hair, this trick is a great way of filling up the spaces and
giving yourself a cleaner look.

4. Go brighter - use this trick for your eye shadow, blush and lip color! In photographs
your makeup will appear about 2-3 shades lighter than you think, so to avoid a flat
look just apply your makeup at least 2 shades brighter than normal. Trust me it wonʼt
end up looking that bright and wild!

5. Lashes - an easy and affordable alternative trick to give your eyes that volume and
contrast in your pictures.  Also, be sure to use black mascara in your photographs, because the lighter shades tend to end up looking muddy.

6. Application - apply your makeup in natural light! I know the mirrors with bright lights
are easier to use, but applying in natural lighting will give you a better idea of how much more makeup you need.

7. POWDER - this is the last and most important step! Powder not only keeps your
makeup in place for those long photo shoots, but also keeps the shine and oil away
from your face, because they are magnified by the camera. And if youʼre shooting
outdoors be sure to take a compact with you to reapply if you start to sweat or get a
little shine.

Follow these tips and the end result will be the beautiful photos you’ve been dreaming of!

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