i was introduced to david stark through his presentation at engage...blown away by the conceptual way he will approach events and the masterful execution.  he’s resourceful, purposeful and thinks so far outside the box.  and what i saw illustrated over and over again were: solutions.

i’m guessing he’s likely not on your radar either so in case you’re in the midst of planning (and his book covers not just weddings but non-profit fundraising, incredible bar mitzvahs, etc), take a peekā€¦or borrow my copy!

my only criticism is the book wasn’t quite as lovely as the events represented - ie: some images felt a bit contrasty and the page layout wasn’t super inspiring.

that said, it’s hard to dim the absolute genius of david stark and i think he’ll have you thinking about your day in a whole new light.  xoxo, -melanie-

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